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A Pakistani Marriage Tradition

A pakistani bride convention typically involves a lot of fun activities and celebrations. Besides the traditional proposal, the indigo party and the main event Nikah, a Pakistani marriage includes various significant ceremonies as well. One of them is the Bari ( club- Eh) where the bridegroom and his associates follow the wife to her new apartment. During this ceremony, the bride is usually wearing a purple lehenga and is surrounded by her family and friends. Modest customs like mandir pillai and joota chupai add to the excitement of the day.

Another essential element of a pakistani wedding is Rasm- e- Heena, where the groom’s adjacent female relatives and friends come to qualify yellow paste on the bride’s hands and feet in a pre- glam ritual. This is followed by the Mehendi festival where the wedding and her closest women buddies enjoy an hour of music, dance and meal. Henna is a healthy dye extracted from the Lawsonia inermis herb and can be applied on different types of skill. It takes a much discipline to master the complex styles but it is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

During the Nikah ceremony, the theological professor or Mufti or Sheikh writes a marriage agreement for the bride and groom called nikkahnama. This is signed by both parties in front of two testimony, and is the constitutional binding agreement between the couple to marry each another. This ceremony is frequently performed in the masjids, but can also be done at different areas for ease or personal causes.

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