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Marriage Traditions in Ukraine

Unlike the east, many marriage cultures in Ukraine have not changed for decades. They connect new communities with their predecessors. They are an integral part of a bride ceremony. Some of these customs are also- known, quite as cutting a bride bread and smashing glasses. Others are more unique and are the confidence of every Ukrainian. One of them is rushnyk, the decorated material that carries information from parents to children. Each region has its own patterns and icons with concealed meaning.

Before the formal wedding ceremony, the wedding visits the couple’s family along with her pals and relatives. They ask the bridegroom queries about his upcoming wife, praise her and may even question paradoxes. If the man sexy eastern-europeans manages to amaze them with his replies, he pays a compensation, which is usually a container of horilka or different alcoholic tea. It’s a enjoyable approach for the partners to confirm that they will be a nice fit and have a long marriage.

At the same time, the bride’s buddies organize a bachelor party for her. Typically, it was held two or three days before the marriage and consisted of weaving periwinkle, making ritual trees and singing depressing traditions tracks. Currently, the chick group is more likely to include visiting nights clubs and various leisure.

Before the wedding service, the groom and his family visit the princess’s residence with products. She and her kids give a present to the vicar’s family, including embroidered rushnyk. After that, the best guy gives a product to each individual in the vicar’s relatives, calling out their brands. The couple even receives korovai, the cornerstone of every Ukrainian ceremony.

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